why is rick scott shortchanging american workers?

Senator Rick Scott likes to say that he is an “America First” Conservative, but the truth is he is either a Chinese puppet, a milquetoast “Diversity” loving liberal or both – a liberal Chinese puppet in the US Senate who is also an America hating liberal?

To make our case, we consider a simple commonsense bill S.386 – The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act and Senator Rick Scott’s senseless opposition to it – so he can get preferential treatment for Chinese.

S.386 - The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act

As reported by The Daily Caller, the New York Times and many other publications, there are loopholes in the law that allow abusive outsourcing companies to hire foreign workers at a lower wage and use these foreign workers to replace American workers, after having their foreign workers replace their foreign replacements.

S.386 – The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act bans these abusive outsourcing companies from accessing these visas, but for some reason, Senator Scott isn’t supporting a bill that ends the abhorrent practice of replacing his own constituents with foreign workers.

Disney laid off more than 200 tech workers in January, but only after forcing some of them to train their foreign replacements. Those unemployed workers were then allegedly blacklisted from gaining employment at other Disney-solicited contractors. Southern California Edison, Fossil Group, and most recently Catalina Marketing have also hired outsourcing firms that rely heavily on H-1bs, and then laid off dozens or hundreds of tech workers, some of whom were expected to train their foreign replacements.

Rick Scott is Bad for American Workers

So, why is Senator Rick Scott the ONLY Senator to oppose a bill that ends this “America Last” practice of displacing American workers? Is it because he is a corporate globalist, an America hating liberal or a Chinese puppet? Read on to learn more!

S.386 - The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act ends the liberal anti-American per-country caps that prioritizes “diversity” over higher-paid better educated immigrants.

Senator Rick Scott’s self-hating liberalism causes him to adopt policy positions that are bad for Florida and bad for America. In a study titled “Higher‐paid Immigrants Forced to Wait Longer Due to Per‐country Limits”, the free-market CATO institute estimates that removing leftist liberal quotas (also called “per-country caps”) on employment based green cards will result in raising the average wage of an employment based immigrant by $11,592 – which is a 12% increase.

Additionally, the same CATO study finds that passing S.386 – The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act would result in America welcoming better educated immigrants.

But the per-country limits are also economically senseless. They prioritize the right birthplace over the right skills...Discriminating based on nationality, rather than skills, undercuts the productivity of the United States and lowers the average wage of new immigrants to the United States. … The per-country limits depress the average wage for new employer-sponsored immigrants by $11,592. In other words, the per-country limits strongly discriminate against higher-paid immigrants...Indian and Chinese immigrants are also more likely to be offered positions that require more experience and skills than other employer-sponsored immigrants.

- CATO Study

So, why does Senator Rick Scott not want America to get higher paid and better educated immigrants? The answer is because of Senator Rick Scott’s liberal self-hate, he is fine seeing Iranian pizza delivery drivers get immediate Green Cards in the name of “diversity”

2017 Green Card Sponsor by Citizenship Country: Iran


Citizenship Sponsor

Green Card Petitions

Average Salary


Difender Serviser




Muy Pizza Houston




Muy Pizza Southeast




Cleaners of America




House of Raeford Farms




Muy Pizza Tejas



Senator Rick Scott’s Chinese Connection

When Senator Rick Scott blocked S.386 – The Fairness for High Skilled immigrants Act, he is on record as saying that he is concerned about “Diversity” (which lowers American wages) and his concerns would be satiated if he could bring in 18,000 (Eighteen Thousand) immigrants who speak Cantonese and Hakka from China. You can read Rick Scott’s ridiculous amendment here .

Take Action

Why is Senator Rick Scott behaving in such an odd manner? Why is Senator Scott opposing America getting better paid and better educated immigrants? Is Senator Rick Scott just another liberal who has us all fooled? Or more ominously, is he a communist agent who is just following party instructions from the politburo in Beijing?

Call Senator Rick Scott at (202) 224-5274 and tell him to support S.386 and put America first.

Tell Rick Scott to remove his block

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